The app for Referees

REFSIX helps referees record match incidents during games and track their physical performance.

Now available on Apple Watch and Android Wear watches.

Record match incidents

The REFSIX smartwatch app lets you leave your notebook behind and effortlessly record key match incidents as they happen on the pitch:

  • Record cautions and dismissals with player and reason
  • Log goals and scorers
  • Manage substitutions
  • Keep track of the game and injury times


Measure your performance

The REFSIX smartwatch app measures a variety of data points during your match to give you greater insight into your performance after matches. Currently we show you data about the distance you cover, a heatmap to show your positioning and detailed information about your speed during the game.


Available on Android and iOS for watches that have GPS.



Track your career

The REFSIX mobile app tracks you throughout your career. We log all of your results and show you useful information from your season, including the number of games you've officiated, how many goals were scored and total and average red and yellow cards given. You can log fixtures and team sheets ahead of match day and then send them to your watch just before kick-off. After the game you can see a detailed match report containing all of the incidents on your phone.




Pick one of our subscription packages and you'll get access to the full suite of features available on the REFSIX app.

Monthly Membership

£5 per month

Annual Membership

£50 per year

"REFSIX makes administration easy and it's great for keeping a full match record."

- Craig Thompson, Level 4 Referee

"With the current and future features, it is an exciting piece of kit."

- James Charlton, Level 6 Referee

"The REFSIX app makes it easy for me to manage all match details in one place: subs, cards, match/injury time and the goal scorers. It's also very interesting to see the statistics afterwards, because it gives you a good overview on how your card management was compared to other games (the average).

- Jan Ter Hamsel, The Dutch Referee Blog

“I like REFSIX because it allows me to keep my eyes on the game while logging key match incidents, and having game records all in one easy place for future reference.”

- Eray Durson, US Referee

“I’d just like to say using your product over the last month has been amazing and I really love it.”

- Harvey Newstead, Level 8 Referee